List of all Nursing School in Ebonyi State

List of all Nursing School in Ebonyi State: If you want to know about all the nursing schools in Ebonyi State, Read the information below. It has all the information you need. Nigeria needs a lot of nurses right now, and every day, a lot more students decide they want to become nurses. More than most other jobs in Nigeria, the school of nursing would continue to spread across the country. With that out of the way, here is a list of the Ebonyi nursing schools.

Overview of Nursing Education in Ebonyi State

Nursing education in Ebonyi State aims to prepare students to become registered nurses (RNs) and provide quality health care. There are several reputable nursing schools in Ebonyi State that offer nursing programs at various levels.

List of all Nursing School in Ebonyi State

Diploma in Nursing

The diploma program typically takes 3 years to complete and awards a diploma in nursing upon graduation. Students learn nursing fundamentals and core skills to provide basic care. Some well-known diploma nursing schools in Ebonyi State include:

  • Ebonyi State College of Nursing Science

Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing)

The 4-year B.Sc. Nursing program provides advanced theoretical knowledge and clinical skills. Graduates can work in various health care settings. Recommended B.Sc. Nursing schools include:

  • Ebonyi State University (EBSU)
  • Evangel University Akaeze (EVAUA)
  • Alex Ekwueme Federal University Ndufu-Alike (AE-FUNAI)

Higher Degrees

For career progression, nurses can pursue master’s and doctoral degrees. The M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Nursing programs focus on nursing education, administration, and research. EBSU, EVAUA and AE-FUNAI also offer postgraduate nursing programs.

In summary, Ebonyi State has quality nursing schools providing programs at diploma, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. Graduates of these nursing schools have opportunities for an exciting career, improving healthcare in communities across the state. With hard work and perseverance, nurses in Ebonyi State can achieve their full potential.

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Top Government Nursing Schools in Ebonyi

There are several reputable government-owned nursing schools in Ebonyi State that offer quality nursing education and training. Two of the top schools are:

Federal College of Nursing and Midwifery, Abakaliki: This school was established to train nurses and midwives. It offers basic diploma programs in Nursing, Post-Basic Nursing and Midwifery. Admission is open to WASSCE holders with credits in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Ebonyi State University College of Nursing Sciences: This college was established in 2016 as one of the pioneer colleges of Ebonyi State University. It offers B.Sc. Nursing degrees and postgraduate diploma programs. To gain admission, applicants must have the requisite WASSCE, NECO or GCE A’ Level credits in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Some benefits of attending a government nursing school include:

  • Affordable tuition: Government schools typically charge lower tuition fees compared to private institutions. This can help reduce the financial burden on students and their families.
  • Availability of student loans and scholarships: Government schools provide opportunities for students to access loans, bursaries and scholarships to fund their education.
  • Practical experience: Government schools often have affiliations with major hospitals and healthcare facilities where students can gain valuable practical experience.
  • Job opportunities: Graduates from government schools are well positioned to gain employment in government hospitals and healthcare centers.

In summary, government nursing schools in Ebonyi State offer high quality, affordable nursing education along with opportunities for practical experience and job placement after graduation. For those interested in a nursing career, these schools provide a path to gain the knowledge and skills to become a licensed nurse or midwife.


Once you have decided to apply to nursing schools in Ebonyi state, you likely have many questions about the application process, programs offered, and more. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and their answers:

What programs do the nursing schools in Ebonyi state offer?

The nursing schools in Ebonyi state offer several programs for those interested in a career as a nurse or midwife:

  • Bachelor of Nursing Science (B.N.Sc.) – A 4-year degree program to become a registered nurse.
  • Post Basic Nursing Program – For those who already have a diploma in nursing to earn a B.N.Sc. degree.
  • Master of Nursing Science (M.N.Sc.) – For those who want to specialize in areas like medical-surgical nursing, community health nursing or nursing education.
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (Ph.D) – For those interested in a career as a nurse researcher or educator.

What is the admission process?

  • Meet the admission requirements like having the proper credits, diplomas, or degrees required for your program of choice.
  • Apply to the schools of your choice, either online, in-person, or by post. You will need to provide documents like your credentials, a personal essay, and references.
  • If selected for further consideration, you will be invited for an entrance exam like the UTME and an interview. Your scores and performance will determine if you are admitted.
  • Check if you need to apply for additional certifications or licenses to practice, depending on your program. Some may require a license from the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria.
  • Pay any applicable admission or tuition fees to secure your spot in the program.

Do the nursing schools offer accommodation or scholarships?

Some nursing schools in Ebonyi state may offer accommodation, scholarships or financial aid for students. It is best to check with your school of choice for details on availability and eligibility. Options may include:

  • School hostels or dormitories for student accommodation. Fees may apply.
  • Academic or merit-based scholarships for high-performing students. These may cover partial or full tuition fees.
  • Need-based scholarships or bursaries for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Student loans or payment installment plans to help students pay for their education over time.

Interested candidates are advised to apply for scholarships, bursaries and student aid as early as possible to increase their chances of obtaining financial assistance.

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