Universities With The Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Physiology In Nigeria

Are you trying to find the list of Nigerian universities with the lowest cut-off mark required to get admitted to the physiology  programs? Read on to know Nigeria Universities with the lowest cut-off mark.

If you want to pursue a career in physiology but are unsure about the most recent jamb cutoff mark for a course like physiology.Here is a list of Nigerian institutions that have cut-off mark  that we have verified; it is the lowest of all the universities in Nigeria that provide physiology  programs.

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Universities With The Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Physiology In Nigeria

Universities With The Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Physiology In Nigeria

To gain admission into an physiology program at a Nigerian university, meeting the cut-off mark for the subject is essential. The following universities have some of the lowest cut-off marks for physiology

1. Ahmadu Bello University Zaria (ABU)

Cut off mark: 180

ahmadu bello university (ABU) in Zaria, Kaduna State is considered the top university for studying Physiology  in Nigeria.

ABU offers high-quality education and training in Physiology. It has a long history of academic excellence, with renowned professors and lecturers. The department provides students with a solid foundation in physiology theories,and many others

2.  University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Cut off mark: 170

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) is one of the most affordable yet high-quality institutions to study political science in Nigeria.

Established in 1955, UNN is a prestigious federal university located in Nsukka, Enugu State. It has a highly ranked Faculty of Social Sciences that offers a Bachelor of Science in Political Science. The department has over 30 academic staff with doctoral degrees in various fields of political science, ensuring students receive a comprehensive education.

3. University of Lagos

Cut off mark: 180

The University of Lagos, located in the heart of Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos, is one of the top universities in the country to study political science.

The Department of Political Science at Unilag, as the university is popularly known, has some of the most distinguished faculty in West Africa. Professors have published acclaimed research on topics such as Nigerian federalism, public policy, and comparative politics. Students benefit from the expertise and mentorship of these leading academics

4. University of Ibadan (UI)

Cut off mark:160

The first university in Nigeria was the University of Ibadan, sometimes known as UI for short. It was founded in 1948 and is affectionately referred to by its students. The institution was a College of the University of London that participated in a special connection plan up until 1962, when it transitioned into a full-fledged autonomous university. The University, which began with academic programs in the fields of arts, science, and medicine, has since evolved into a comprehensive citadel of learning, offering academic programs in seventeen different faculties. These faculties include the following: arts, science, basic medical sciences, clinical sciences, agriculture, the social sciences, education, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, technology, law, public health, dentistry, economics, renewable natural resources, environmental design and management, and multidisciplinary studies

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What is physiology study?

Physiology can be studied at the level of individual cells, tissues, organ systems, and the entire body. It is the study of animal function, including that of humans. The ultimate objective is to elucidate the basic processes that function and interact within a live creature.

Which four categories of physiology exist?

The field of physiology can be classified into :

  • medical physiology
  • animal physiology
  • plant physiology,
  • cell physiology

What does physiology mean in its simplest form?

Physiology is the study of the functioning of the human body. It explains the physics and chemistry underlying fundamental bodily processes, such as how molecules behave within cells and how organ systems function as a unit. It aids in understanding what transpires in a healthy body and what goes wrong in a sick body.

In Nigeria, where is a physiologist able to work?

Jobs for Physiologists in Nigeria:

  • Cardiovascular Physiologist employed at Blue Advisory.
  • Pharmacologist/Physiologist employed at Carrot Top Drugs Limited.
  • Cardiac Physiologist employed at PPC Limited.
  • Lagos Executive Cardiovascular Clinic clinical physiologist.

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