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African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (COE), Enugu, Courses, Hostel Accommodations and Admission Requirements

Do you want to enroll in African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (COE), Enugu but you don’t know if the course you want to study is being offered by the School? How about understanding the necessary requirements for enrollment in the school? You can use the information in this article to learn everything you need to know about the school.

This article details the school admission requirements, hostel accommodations and list of courses offered

About African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (COE), Enugu

The African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (COE) in Enugu is a social enterprise founded in 2017 to promote philosophy for children (P4C) across Africa. The organization has the following key details

African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (COE), Enugu

  • Vision: To build a community of ethical, critical and creative thinkers across Africa.
  • Mission: To promote the teaching and learning of philosophy, especially among children and youth, as a tool for intellectual development, value clarification and societal transformation.
  • Programs and Activities: The COE organizes several initiatives including:
  • Teacher training workshops on facilitating philosophical dialogues and critical thinking skills
  • Curriculum development for integrating P4C into schools
  • Campus clubs to engage university students in philosophical inquiry
  • Community outreach through open dialogues, public lectures and media engagement
  • Partners: The COE collaborates with groups like the International Council of Philosophical Inquiry with Children, the Federation of African Philosophers of Education, and local education stakeholders.
  • Impact: Over 5,000 students across Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya have benefited from COE’s P4C sessions and materials. Surveys indicate improved reasoning, ethics, confidence and academic performance among participants.

By promoting critical thinking and values development – especially for youth – the African Thinkers COE is nurturing a more ethical, empowered generation equipped to address societal challenges. Their advocacy helps secure institutional support to scale the adoption of philosophy curriculum across Africa.

African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (COE), Enugu Admission Requirements

There are some things you need to do in order to get into African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (COE), Enugu Knowing these ahead of time will help you make sure your application is complete and raise your chances of being accepted.

Minimum Requirements for Admission

In order to be admitted, you must:

  • Have at least five credits in related subjects, such as English Language, Mathematics, one Science subject, and two other subjects. You can get these credits in one sitting or over two sittings, but not more than five credits in a row.
  • You have to be at least 16 years old to apply.
    Must have at least five years of education after elementary school.
  • For Direct Entry candidates, you must have at least one upper credit in the appropriate ND program.
  • Must get at least the minimum score on the UTME to get into the college. The cut-off mark changes every year based on how much competition there is.
  • Must have made their first choice when they signed up for JAMB.

Steps for Applying

If you want to get Admission you need to do the following:

  • You can either buy the college’s application form from the admissions office or get it from the website. Carefully read and fill out the form.
  • Attach printouts of your IDs, such as your birth certificate, WAEC or NECO results, proof of where you live, etc., to the form you’ve filled out
  • Before the due date, bring the completed admission form along with the necessary papers to the admissions office. Applications that are too late will not be looked at.
  • Check the website or notice board of the admissions office or the admissions list to see if you were given provisional admission.
  • You have until the due date to accept the offer of entry on the college’s website or in person at the admissions office. If you do not accept by the limit, you will lose your chance to be admitted.
  • When school starts up again, go to the college for screening and registration. Bring the original copies of the papers that are attached to your admission form so that they can be checked.
  • Being able to go is possible if you carefully follow these entrance rules.

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Courses Offered

  • Biology / Integrated Science
  • Biology / Mathematics
  • Business Education
  • Chemistry / Integrated Science
  • Chemistry / Mathematics
  • Christian Religious Studies / Economics
  • Christian Religious Studies / English
  • Christian Religious Studies / Maths
  • Christian Religiuos Studies / Political Science
  • Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies
  • Computer Education / Physics
  • Computer Education / Biology
  • Computer Education / Chemistry
  • Computer Education / Economics
  • Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
  • Computer Science Education / Mathematics
  • Early Childhood Care Education
  • Economics / English
  • Economics / Mathematics
  • Economics / Social Studies
  • English / Ecunemics
  • English / Igbo
  • English / Political Science
  • English / Social Studies
  • Igbo / Political Science
  • Igbo / Social Studies
  • Integrated Science
  • Integrated Science / Economics
  • Integrated Science / Mathematics Education
  • Integrated Science / Physics
  • Mathematics / Physics
  • Political Science / Social Studies
  • Primary Education Studies
  • Social Studies
  • Computer Education / Integrated Science
  • Christian Religious Studies / Ecumenics
  • Computer Science / Biology
  • Computer Science / Economics
  • Social Studies / Ecumenics
  • Social Studies (Double Major)
  • Ecumenics / Economics
  • English (Double Major)
  • Primary Education ( Double Major)
  • Integrated Science (Double Major)

Hostel Accommodation

The African Thinkers Community offers hostel accommodation adjacent to the main campus. Students from outside the Enugu area may wish to reside in the hostel during term time for convenience.

The hostel has the following features and policies:

  • Newly refurbished rooms with ensuite facilities
  • 24 hour security
  • Inclusive meal plan with vegetarian options
  • Quiet study areas and wireless internet
  • Mix of twin and single rooms
  • Laundry facilities
  • No pets allowed
  • No smoking or alcohol permitted on premises

Rooms are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis therefore early application is recommended, especially for single room requests. Students should apply via the online application form on the Community website and include roommate preferences if any.

The Community aims to provide affordable, comfortable accommodation to enable students to focus on their academic goals. Residence life also facilitates community building between students across programs and year levels. Check the fees page for current hostel rates and discounts.

If you have any other questions about student accommodation, contact the Community office or student services team. We aim to make your stay with us productive and enjoyable.


  • What is the African Thinkers Community of Inquiry (COE)?

The African Thinkers Community of Inquiry is a nonprofit organization based in Enugu, Nigeria that facilitates philosophy discussions and debates to promote critical thinking and reasoned inquiry. The COE creates a space for people to carefully examine beliefs, values, and knowledge claims through respectful dialogue.

  • What activities does the organization offer?

The COE hosts community philosophy sessions twice per month that are open to the public. These guided conversations explore fundamental questions about topics like ethics, society, and human nature. There is also an annual conference on applied ethics relating to issues in Nigeria and an essay competition for Nigerian youth on philosophical themes.

  • How can I get involved?

Anyone interested in the examined life is welcome to take part in the COE’s philosophy sessions and events. You can find the schedule on their website and attend whatever topics spark your curiosity. If you have a passion for discussion and debate, you may inquire about potentially helping facilitate. And youth can submit essays to the competition. The COE also appreciates volunteers, partners, and donors furthering its educational mission.

  • Where are your headquarters located?

The organization’s primary location is at 47 Garden Avenue, Enugu, Nigeria. This community space has a library, lounge for discussion groups, and hosts most activities. The annual conference rotates to a hotel venue, while smaller talks may occur at schools or other sites. Check the website for specific event details.

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