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Best Universities to Study Criminology Programs in Nigeria

degree in criminology and security studies can give you strong foundation for graduate-level employment in variety of fields that are relevant, from more established professions like law enforcement and corrections to more recent initiatives in areas like community safety and security and crime prevention.

minimum of years (or semesters) must have passed since the candidate’s entrance (at the 200 Level). Credit UnitsGraduates of the programme must have completed at least 120 credit units.

Best Universities to Study Criminology Study in Nigeria

A degree in criminology and security studies can give you a strong foundation for graduate-level employment in a variety of fields that are relevant, from more

Below are the best universities to study Criminology in Nigeria

1. University of Lagos

The University of Lagos has one of the top Criminology programs in Nigeria. If you want to study the causes and prevention of criminal behavior, this is the place to be.

The department has over 20 dedicated lecturers with extensive experience in law enforcement, legal practice, and academia. The 4-year Bachelor of Arts program covers both theoretical and practical aspects of Criminology through courses in:

  1. Criminal Law and Procedure
  2. Victimology
  3. Criminal Psychology
  4. Sociology of Deviance
  5. Penology and Corrections

You’ll analyze real-world case studies, learn techniques for profiling and interpreting criminal behavior, and gain valuable research skills.

With a degree in Criminology from UNILAG, you’ll be well prepared for careers such as:

  • Crime Analyst
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Legal Associate
  • Policy Analyst

If you have a passion for creating a safer, more just society, Criminology at the University of Lagos will equip you with the knowledge and skills to pursue your goal of fighting crime.

2. University of Ibadan

If you want to study crime and how society responds to it, the University of Ibadan should be at the top of your list. Founded in 1948, it’s Nigeria’s oldest university and home to a highly ranked criminology program.

The criminology curriculum covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of the field. You’ll take courses in:

  • Criminal law and criminal justice policy
  • Theories of crime and deviance
  • Crime prevention and control
  • Criminal investigation and forensic science
  • Corrections and rehabilitation

With a solid grounding in the fundamentals, you can then focus on areas of interest like cybercrime, transnational crime, or victimology.

Studying criminology at Ibadan offers the perfect combination of a prestigious education and an amazing experience. If you want to gain knowledge and skills to fight crime in our communities, this is the place to start. Crime fighters of the future, get ready – your destiny awaits!

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3. University of Nigeria

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Security Studies. This program provides a strong interdisciplinary education in the social and behavioral sciences, with a focus on developing analytical and critical thinking skills related to crime and societal responses to criminal behavior.

  • Coursework covers theories of crime, criminal justice systems, forensic science, criminal law, and security. Students gain a broad understanding of the causes of criminal behavior and how society prevents and responds to crime.
  • The curriculum emphasizes a practical, career-focused education. Students complete an internship, field trip, or research project to gain hands-on experience. Graduates are prepared for careers as security consultants, crime analysts, investigators, and in law enforcement.
  • Facilities include a Criminology and Security Studies library with the latest books and journals on criminology, criminal justice, and security studies. Students also have access to computer labs, science labs, and moot court rooms.
  • The faculty have extensive experience as practitioners in fields like the police force, prison services, security agencies and the bar. They are also active researchers publishing studies on crime in Nigeria.
  • The university has a Center for Criminology and Security Studies that provides research support for faculty and students. The center also hosts guest lectures, conferences and seminars to promote criminology education and networking.
  • Notable alumni include high-ranking officials in the Nigerian Police Force, Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, and the Nigerian Prisons Service. Graduates have also become lawyers, forensic scientists, criminologists, and university lecturers.

The University of Nigeria’s Criminology and Security Studies program provides aspiring crime fighters with a robust, career-focused education grounded in the study of criminal behavior, justice systems, and security. Students gain the knowledge and skills to pursue a range of careers improving public safety and security in Nigeria.

4. Bayero University Kano

Bayero University Kano (BUK) offers one of the top criminology programs in Nigeria. Founded in 1977, BUK’s criminology department has produced many of Nigeria’s leading experts in criminal justice, forensics and legal studies.

BUK’s criminology curriculum provides a broad understanding of the causes of criminal behavior and the role of sociological factors. Core courses cover topics such as:

  • Theories of Crime
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Correctional Administration
  • Juvenile Delinquency
  • Criminal Investigations and Forensic Science

Students can specialize in areas like cybercrime, forensic accounting, and criminal profiling. BUK also emphasizes practical learning through internships, field work and connections to government agencies.

BUK’s criminology faculty are leaders in their fields, conducting groundbreaking research on issues like terrorism, human trafficking, and white-collar crime in Nigeria. BUK’s Center for Democratic Research and Training is a hub for criminology research and policy work.

A degree in criminology from BUK opens up opportunities across Nigeria’s criminal justice system. Graduates are well-prepared for careers as:

  • Law Enforcement Officers
  • Legal Researchers
  • Correctional Officers
  • Private Investigators
  • Forensic Scientists
  • Security Analysts

For aspiring crime fighters looking to make a difference, BUK’s criminology program provides the knowledge and skills to help build a safer, more just society.

5. Covenant University

Covenant University offers one of the top criminology programs in Nigeria. Located in Ota, Ogun State, Covenant University is a private Christian university that provides high-quality education with a vision to raise a new generation of leaders.

Covenant University’s criminology degree program provides an in-depth understanding of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system. The four-year Bachelor of Science in Criminology and Security Studies exposes you to a range of courses covering criminal law, criminal investigation, ethics in security, and victimology. You’ll gain knowledge about the causes of crime, how to prevent criminal behavior, and the role of law enforcement and correctional facilities in society.

Covenant University has some of the best facilities and faculty for criminology in Nigeria. The Criminology and Security Studies department has highly qualified lecturers and professors with extensive experience. Modern classrooms and equipment provide an ideal learning environment.

The university also has a Center for Criminal Justice Studies which conducts research on crime and the criminal justice system in Nigeria. Interacting with researchers and participating in projects at the center provide valuable experience for students.

Covenant University offers an excellent criminology program for aspiring crime fighters looking to build a rewarding career making a positive impact on society. The program provides in-depth knowledge and skills to prepare you for roles tackling crime and improving security.

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So you have some questions about studying Criminology in Nigeria. No worries, here are some common FAQs to help put you on the right track.

What degree programs are offered in Criminology?

Most Nigerian universities offer the following degrees in Criminology:

  • Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Criminology
  • Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Criminology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Criminology

These programs provide a strong foundation in the study of criminal behavior, law enforcement, and the criminal justice system.

What are the career opportunities that i can pursue with a degree in Criminology?

A degree in Criminology opens up many career opportunities, such as:

  • Police officer
  • Security guard
  • Correctional officer
  • Crime analyst
  • Investigator
  • Forensic scientist
  • Victim advocate
  • Immigration officer
  • Criminal psychologist

The specific career paths will depend on the level of degree and any specializations. With a postgraduate degree, you can pursue senior roles like chief security officer, warden, detective, or professor.

Which Nigerian universities offer the best Criminology programs?

Some of the top Nigerian universities for Criminology include:

  • University of Lagos
  • University of Ibadan
  • Obafemi Awolowo University
  • Ahmadu Bello University
  • University of Nigeria, Nsukka

These schools have a strong faculty, modern facilities, opportunities for internships, and a proven track record of producing leading criminologists and criminal justice professionals.

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