Cheap Federal Universities in the South South Nigeria

Cheap Federal Universities in the South South Nigeria

Cheap Federal Universities in the South South Nigeria: Hey there! Looking for an affordable university in Nigeria’s South South region? You’ve come to the right place. As a student on a budget, finding a high-quality yet cheap federal university can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Not anymore. In this article, you’ll discover five of the most affordable federal universities in South South Nigeria so you can get a world-class education without breaking the bank. From Rivers State to Akwa Ibom, we’ve got you covered. At these universities, you’ll pay next to nothing in school fees but gain valuable skills and knowledge to launch your career.

Overview of Federal Universities in South South Nigeria

The South South region of Nigeria is home to many prestigious federal universities known for quality education at an affordable cost.

Cheap Federal Universities in the South South Nigeria

University of Port Harcourt

The University of Port Harcourt is a comprehensive institution with over 50,000 students. It has low tuition and offers programs in fields like Engineering, Science, Arts, Social Sciences, and Education.

University of Calabar

The University of Calabar has over 30,000 students. It’s located in Cross River State and popular for programs in Law, Accounting, Business Administration, and Tourism.

Niger Delta University

With campuses in Bayelsa and Delta States, the Niger Delta University was established in 2000 to improve access to university education in the region. It has over 25,000 students and is known for programs in Agriculture, Fisheries, and Environmental Studies.

Akwa Ibom State University

Akwa Ibom State University opened in 2010 in Ikot Akpaden. It has a relatively small student population of around 10,000, allowing for smaller class sizes and more personal attention. Programs focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

In summary, the South South region of Nigeria offers some great options for an affordable university education with schools specialized in disciplines important for regional development. With scenic campuses and welcoming communities, students can have a rewarding experience at any of these fine institutions.

University of Benin – Affordable Tuition in a Vibrant City

The University of Benin is located in the vibrant city of Benin City, Edo State. With affordable tuition and a central location, it’s an excellent option if you’re looking for an inexpensive education in southern Nigeria.

The University of Benin has over 60,000 students and offers programs across 13 faculties, including law, education, engineering, and medicine. UNIBEN has a vibrant campus life with opportunities to join various student clubs, organizations, and sports teams.

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Living in Benin City

Benin City has a population of over 1.2 million people and was once the capital of the Edo Kingdom. Today, it remains an important commercial and cultural center. As a student, you’ll have opportunities to experience the city’s history by visiting landmarks like the Oba’s Palace and Igue Festival. You can also enjoy Benin City’s nightlife, shopping, and dining.

While tuition at UNIBEN is very affordable, cost of living in Benin City is higher than other parts of Nigeria. You’ll want to budget at least ₦50,000-₦100,000 per month to cover necessities like food, housing, and transportation. Many students live off-campus in shared apartments to save money. If cost is a concern, UNIBEN does offer limited housing and meal options on campus.

With an excellent education at a low cost, vibrant student life, and opportunities to experience the local culture, the University of Benin provides an all-around amazing experience for students on a budget. For a high-quality university education in southern Nigeria, UNIBEN is hard to beat.

Federal University Otuoke – Small Classes in a Scenic Setting

Federal University Otuoke is located in Bayelsa state, in the Niger Delta region. This small university in a scenic setting offers a personalized learning experience with small class sizes, allowing for more interaction with professors.

Beautiful Campus

The university campus is set on over 200 hectares of land in Otuoke, a suburb of Yenagoa, the capital of Bayelsa state. The natural surroundings offer a peaceful environment for learning, with scenic views of rivers, streams and tropical rainforests. The campus has quality facilities for teaching and research, as well as student accommodation and recreational spaces.

Affordable Tuition

As a federal university, FUO offers very affordable tuition fees for students. Undergraduate students pay around 50,000 Naira per semester, which includes accommodation and medical care. The university offers scholarships and financial assistance for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. This makes FUO an accessible choice for students from Bayelsa state and surrounding areas.

Variety of Programs

FUO offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields like Agriculture, Arts, Education, Engineering, Law, Management Sciences, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science, and Social Sciences & Humanities. The university aims to produce graduates equipped with relevant knowledge and skills to contribute to the development of Nigeria.

If you’re looking for an affordable university in a peaceful natural setting, with small classes and dedicated lecturers, Federal University Otuoke is worth considering. The scenic campus, low tuition fees and variety of programs offered make this an ideal choice for students seeking a high quality education at an affordable cost.

University of Calabar – Tropical Campus Close to Nature

The University of Calabar is one of the cheapest federal universities located in the South South region of Nigeria. Situated in the Cross River State capital city of Calabar, the university has a scenic campus set within a tropical rainforest.

Beautiful Natural Surroundings

The university is blessed with beautiful natural surroundings, as it is located close to the Calabar rainforest. Some parts of the campus still feature dense tropical vegetation. You may spot some native wildlife like monkeys, birds, and butterflies on campus. The natural surroundings provide a relaxing learning environment for students and staff.

Low Tuition Fees

As a federal university, UniCal charges very affordable tuition fees in comparison to private universities. Both undergraduate and postgraduate programs have subsidized fees for Nigerian students. Accommodation fees for the hostels on campus are also budget-friendly. These low costs make UniCal an appealing choice for students from low-income families or backgrounds.

Wide Range of Programs

UniCal offers a wide range of programs across many disciplines. There are faculties of arts, education, social sciences, law, pharmacy, medical sciences, etc. The university has over 60 undergraduate programs and more than 40 postgraduate programs. There are also opportunities for distant learning and part-time studies. With this diversity, you can find a program that matches your interests and career goals.

Vibrant Campus Life

There are many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities at UniCal. The university has various clubs and societies in areas like sports, arts and culture, volunteering, and professional interests. Events like fresher’s week, cultural week, and sports competitions make for an exciting campus experience. You can also relax at eateries and recreational spots on campus in your free time.

Overall, the University of Calabar provides high-quality and affordable education in a peaceful natural setting. If you’re looking for an inexpensive federal university in southern Nigeria, UniCal deserves consideration.

University of Port Harcourt – Renowned Programs at a Reasonable Cost

The University of Port Harcourt is a leading federal university located in Rivers State, Nigeria. It offers top-notch programs at an affordable cost, especially compared to private universities.

Renowned Programs

The University of Port Harcourt is well known for programs in the sciences, engineering, and medicine. It has highly ranked faculties of Science, Engineering, Basic Medical Sciences, and Clinical Sciences. Some of its most reputable courses include:

  • Petroleum Engineering – Prepares students for careers in the oil and gas industry. Nigeria’s status as an OPEC member makes this a key field.
  • Medicine and Surgery – Produces qualified doctors and surgeons for Nigeria’s healthcare system. It is a very competitive program due to high demand.
  • Computer Science and Information Technology – Tech fields are growing in Nigeria, so degrees in these areas provide good job opportunities.
  • Accounting – For those interested in business and finance careers. Accounting skills are always in demand.
  • Marine Engineering – Important for a coastal state like Rivers. Students learn to design, develop, test and repair marine equipment and vessels.
  • Linguistics and Communication Studies – For careers in media, public relations, journalism, and more. Strong English language skills are emphasized.

With a solid education from well-respected faculties, University of Port Harcourt graduates are poised for success in Nigeria’s job market or for further studies abroad. The low in-state tuition fees make the high quality of education even more appealing.


Have some questions about applying to federal universities in South South Nigeria? Here are some common ones:

How much does it cost to attend a federal university in South South Nigeria?

Federal universities in Nigeria are subsidized by the government, so tuition fees are very affordable. For citizens, tuition is often less than $500 USD per year. Accommodation and living costs will be your biggest expense.

What are the admission requirements?

To apply to a federal university in South South Nigeria, you will need:

  • At least 5 credits in WAEC/NECO/NABTEB including English and Maths. For some courses like Medicine, you will need credits in science subjects.
  • Meet the cut-off mark set by JAMB for your program of choice. Scores of 180 and above are usually competitive.
  • Apply through JAMB, the centralized application system. Fill out the online application and take the UTME exam.
  • Meet any additional departmental requirements like an oral interview or written assessment.
  • Some universities may require a post-UTME screening. If invited, you will need to attend an interview at the university.

What programs and courses are offered?

Federal universities in South South Nigeria offer a wide range of programs across many disciplines:

  • Sciences: Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, etc.
  • Medicine: Medicine and Surgery (MBBS), Nursing, Pharmacy, etc.
  • Arts and Humanities: English, History, Mass Communication, Linguistics, etc.
  • Social Sciences: Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, etc.
  • Engineering: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Petroleum, etc.
  • Agriculture: Crop Science, Animal Science, Forestry, Fisheries, etc.
  • Law: Bachelor of Laws (LL.B)
  • Education: Many options for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  • Business: Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Marketing, etc.

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