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All Courses In Federal University Gusau

Are you in search of the list of courses offered in Federal University Gusau?

In this article, you will know the full list of courses offered at Federal University Gusau, and details about their educational system.

Federal University, Gusau, is a famous University in Zamfara State, Nigeria. If you wish to attend this institution but are unaware of the list of courses offered, don’t worry this article covered the full list of all of the courses.

Federal institutions in Nigeria has demerit like ASUU strike which may take months and very competitive due to annually admission given to majority of students.

If your wish is to study at The Federal University Gusau, and you have no update on the list of courses offered, keep on reading has this article contains list of courses in Federal University Gusau.

All Courses In Federal University Gusau

  1. Physics With Electronics
  2. Plant Science And BioTechnology
  3. Political Science
  4. Public Administration
  5. Sociology
  6. Mathematics
  7. MetalWork / WoodWork
  8. Technology Education
  9. MicroBiology
  10. Physics
  11. Accounting
  12. Arabic Studies
  13. AutoMobile Technology
  14. Teacher Education Science
  15. Zoology
  16. BioChemistry
  17. Education And Biology
  18. Education And Chemistry
  19. Building Technology Education
  20. Business Administration
  21. Chemistry
  22. Computer Science
  23. Economics
  24. Education And Arabic
  25. Education And Economics
  26. Education And English Language
  27. Education And Islamic Studies
  28. Education And Mathematics
  29. Electrical /Electronics
  30. English Language
  31. Geology
  32. Hausa
  33. History And International Studies
  34. Islamic Studies
  35. Education And Physics
  36. Education And Political Science
  37. Education And Sociology

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