List of Cheap Private Universities in Benue

Benue State has some excellent private university options that are light on the wallet.

Here are a few reasons to consider one:

Private universities in Benue charge much lower tuition fees than most other parts of Nigeria. You’ll pay a fraction of the cost for the same quality education. For example, tuition at Madonna University is around ₦100,000-₦200,000 per year.

Private unis in Benue have smaller class sizes, often around 20-30 students. This means more personalized attention from lecturers and a better learning experience. You’re not just a number here.

Benue has a lower cost of living and less crime than other states. The smaller cities where most private units are located are very secure. You can focus on your studies without worrying as much about safety.

Private universities in Benue focus on teaching practical, career-oriented skills. Programs are designed with jobs in mind, so you’ll graduate with knowledge you can apply right away in the workplace.

There is less competition at private unis in Benue to gain leadership roles or other opportunities that can boost your CV. You’ll have a chance to get involved in extracurriculars and pursue your interests.

In summary, you get a lot of bang for your buck at private universities in Benue. For a high-quality tertiary education at an affordable price, consider applying to one of Benue’s lesser-known private schools.

List of Cheap Private Universities in Benue

If you’re looking for an affordable private university education in Benue, you’ve got options.

List of Cheap Private Universities in Benue

Here are the top 5 most budget-friendly private schools in the state:

1. College of Health Sciences, Makurdi

Established in 1996, CHS Makurdi offers programs in the health sciences at an affordable cost. They provide degrees in Nursing, Medical Laboratory Science, and Public Health. At around ₦150,000 per year for tuition, it’s a steal.

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2. Benue State University, Makurdi

BSU Makurdi, established in 1992, is one of the cheapest private universities in central Nigeria. They offer degrees in fields like Agriculture, Education, Management, and the Sciences. Tuition is in the range of ₦180,000 to ₦250,000 per year for most programs.

3. University of Mkar, Mkar

Founded in 2011, UOM Mkar focuses on Agriculture, Management, and Social Science programs. It has affordable tuition of around ₦150,000 per year. The serene environment provides an ideal learning atmosphere.

4. ECWA Theological Seminary, Bukuru

For those interested in Theology or Christian Ministry, ETSC Bukuru is a top choice. Established in 1945, the school offers diplomas and degrees at a cost of ₦100,000 to ₦150,000 per year.

5. College of Education, Katsina-Ala

COE Katsina-Ala, founded in 1978, provides NCE and degree programs in Education at a tuition of ₦120,000 to ₦180,000 per year. They offer smaller class sizes and hands-on teaching experience.

With several good options under ₦250,000 per year, students in Benue don’t have to break the bank to get a university education. Do some research on the schools that interest you, visit their campuses if possible, and find the right fit for your needs, interests, and budget.

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1. Is Benue university okay enough for study?

Yes, Benue is well available for students that wants to study very well.

2. How many private universities are in Benue?

There are a lot of private universities in Benue State Nigeria.

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