List of Cheap Private Universities in Zamfara State

Good day everyone, and welcome to our website. In today’s article, we will be talking about the list of cheap private universities in Zamfara. While public universities certainly have their benefits as well in terms of prestige and funding, private universities in Zamfara deserve consideration for their affordability, personal attention, and community. For many, they provide an ideal learning environment at a reasonable cost.

Top 5 Most Affordable Private Universities in Zamfara

Below are the top 5 most budget-friendly private schools in Zamfara state:

1. Crescent University

Located in Abeokuta, Crescent University offers programs in fields like Business, Law, Engineering, and Medicine. Tuition for an undergraduate degree runs around ₦350,000 per year. They also have scholarships and financial aid programs for students in need.

2. Adeleke University

Adeleke University in Ede has undergraduate and graduate programs in areas such as Management, Computer Science, Microbiology, and more. Annual tuition is typically ₦400,000 or less. They aim to provide high quality education at an affordable price.

3. Al-Hikmah University

Al-Hikmah University in Ilorin offers over 50 majors including Accounting, Mass Communication, and Computer Science & IT. Their goal is to make private higher education accessible. Undergraduate tuition is around ₦350,000 per year with scholarships and loans available.

4. Bowen University

Located in Iwo, Bowen University has over 60 undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fields such as Agriculture, Law, Medicine, and Engineering. Annual tuition for a bachelor’s degree is approximately ₦500,000. They work to keep costs low while maintaining high academic standards.

5. Joseph Ayo Babalola University

Joseph Ayo Babalola University in Ikeji-Arakeji aims to provide a balanced education integrating academic knowledge, moral values, and spiritual development. They offer over 50 undergraduate and postgraduate programs with annual tuition of around ₦350,000. Loans, grants and scholarships are available for students in need of financial assistance.

Tips for Getting the Most Value at an Affordable Zamfara Private University

List of Cheap Private Universities in Zamfara State

To get the best value from an affordable private university in Zamfara, here are some tips:

1. Apply for scholarships and financial aid

Most private schools offer merit-based and needs-based scholarships to make their education more accessible. Do some research on the scholarships offered and apply to any you may be eligible for. Fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA form to determine if you qualify for need-based federal grants, work-study programs, and student loans. Any money you can get towards your tuition is money in your pocket.

2. Take advantage of student services

Private schools typically offer additional services to students like career counseling, mentorship opportunities, and networking events. Make the most of these services to build experience, make professional connections, and get guidance on your career path. Attend school job fairs and networking mixers to connect with potential employers. Building your professional network and job skills will set you up for success after you graduate.

3. Choose an accredited program

Look for a school that offers accredited degree programs, especially in fields like business, education, nursing or engineering. Accredited programs meet high standards of quality, so your degree will be respected in the job market. Accredited schools also allow you to apply for more scholarships and financial aid.

4. Ask about transfer credits

If you’ve already earned college credits at another school, see how many of those credits may be transferable to your new university’s degree program. Transferring credits means paying for fewer courses at your new school and potentially graduating sooner. Meet with an academic advisor to have your previous college transcripts evaluated for transfer credits.

5. Take required courses at a community college

You can save money by completing some required general education courses at a local community college, and then transferring those credits to your private school. Community college tuition is typically much lower than private university tuition. Just make sure the credits will transfer before enrolling in any courses. With some planning, you can fulfill nearly two years of requirements for a bachelor’s degree at a community college.

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With affordable tuition, scholarship programs, and a range of majors to choose from, these private schools work to make higher education accessible in Zamfara. Check with the schools directly for their current tuition rates and available financial aid. An investment in knowledge pays the best interest, as the saying goes, so consider one of these budget-friendly options for your education.


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding the budget-friendliness of private universities in Zamfara.

1. What is the average tuition for a private university in Zamfara?

Tuition at private universities in Zamfara typically ranges from ₦150,000 to ₦350,000 per year for most programs. The average tuition is around ₦225,000. Rates are often lower for Arts and Social Science programs compared to courses like Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Law. Some schools charge additional fees for accommodation, medical care, and student activities.

2. Do private universities in Zamfara offer scholarships or financial aid?

Some private universities in Zamfara and neighboring states do offer scholarships, grants, and student loan or financing options to help make their schools more affordable and accessible. The availability of scholarships and aid can vary from year to year and school to school, so students should inquire directly with universities they are interested in to learn what opportunities may be available to help with the costs of their education.

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