Universities With the Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Art in Nigeria

Are you trying to find the list of Nigerian universities with the lowest cut-off mark required to get admitted to the Art programs? Read on to know Nigeria Universities with the lowest cut-off mark.

If you want to pursue a career in Art but are unsure about the most recent jamb cutoff mark for a course like Art. Here is a list of Nigerian institutions that have cut-off mark  that we have verified; it is the lowest of all the universities in Nigeria that provide Art program.

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Universities With the Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Art in  Nigeria

Universities With the Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Art in Nigeria

To gain admission into an Art program at a Nigerian university, meeting the cut-off mark for the subject is essential. The following universities have some of the lowest cut-off marks for Art program

1. University of Calabar (UNICAL)

Cut off mark: 160

A step further has been taken by the University of Calabar to automate her alumni relations, which includes an online transcript request and processing system that is the first of its kind in the country. The University of Calabar was one of the leading Nigerian universities to automate the processes of student registration through the College Portal.

2. University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID)

Cut off mark:180

The capital of Borno state, in northeastern Nigeria, is home to the University of Maiduguri, a federal institution of higher learning. The university opened its doors in 1975. We firmly believe that the University of Maiduguri’s student body is diverse, despite its size. The university does not consider the applicants’ age group, cultural background, or religion while determining the selection criteria for students who apply for admission. There are also a good number of people working at the university.

3. Niger Delta University, Yenagoa (NDU)

Cut off mark:170

The institution offers bachelos degrees in social science, education, law, medicine, and engineering disciplines. Since applicants to this university come from all around the nation, entrance is highly competitive. There are adequate roads, accommodations, electricity, and a good library at Niger Delta University.

4. University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

Cut off mark: 170

Nsukka, which is located in Enugu State, is the location of the federal institution known as the institution of Nigeria, or UNN for short. This university is located in the eastern section of Nigeria. Within the state of Enugu, the University of Nigeria is comprised of three campuses: Nsukka, Enugu, and Ituku-Ozalla. The institution was established by Nnamdi Azikiwe in 1955 and publicly opened its doors on October 7, 1960.

The educational system in the United States served as the inspiration for the establishment of the University of Nigeria, which is the first indigenous and one of the first independent universities in Nigeria. It was the first university in Africa to receive land grants, and it is currently ranked among the top five most prestigious universities in Nigeria. A total of 102 academic departments and 17 faculties are included in the university. A total of 108 undergraduate programs and 211 postgraduate programs are available to students at this university.

5. University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT)

Cut off mark:180

Situated in the Niger-Delta area of Nigeria, the University of Port Harcourt is situated in Choba, Port Harcourt, Rivers state. University College, Port Harcourt was founded in 1975,and granted university status in 1977.In 2015, Times Higher Education named the University of Port Harcourt as the top university in Nigeria and the sixth in Africa.


What does the art department do?

The art department is in charge of bringing a television program or feature film’s overall aesthetic to life, following the director’s vision. Together, they plan, construct, and embellish the sets that the performers film on, paying close attention to every last detail that can further the director’s objectives.

What are the area’s of the art department?

Which departments make up the art department? Set design, building, scenic, props, greens, locations, visual effects, special effects, stunts, wardrobe, hair, makeup, grip, and electric departments are all included in the art department.

What job can art students do?

A degree in art opens up a world of professional options. Your career options may include working in fields like technology, media, communications, education, arts administration, and more, depending on the focus of your degree.

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