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Universities With the Lowest Cut-Off Marks For English Language and Commmunication studies in Nigeria

Cut-Off Marks For English Language and Commmunication studies

Are you trying to find the list of Nigerian universities with the lowest cut-off mark required to get admitted to the hausa programs? Read on to know Nigeria Universities with the lowest cut-off mark.

If you want to pursue a career in English and communication studies but are unsure about the most recent JAMB cutoff mark for a course like English and commmunication studies .Here is a list of Nigerian institutions that have cut-off mark  that we have verified; it is the lowest of all the universities in Nigeria that provide English language  and communication studies program .

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Universities With the Lowest Cut-Off Marks For English Language and Commmunication Studies in  Nigeria

Universities With the Lowest Cut-Off Marks For English Language and Commmunication studies in Nigeria

To gain admission into an English and communication studies program at a Nigerian university, meeting the cut-off mark for the subject is essential. The following universities have some of the lowest cut-off marks for English and communication program:

1. Federal University Otuoke Bayelsa

Cut off mark: 195

One of the foundational/pioneer programs created during the university’s formation was English and Communication Studies, which was housed in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences’ Department of Humanities. The program, as it existed at the time, graduated its first class of students in the academic year 2015–2016 after admitting its first group of 23 students in the 2012–2013 academic year. In February 2015, the Department of Humanities’ programs were separated and given independence; as a result, English and Communication Studies were elevated to the status of a department within the university. The Department has graduated four batches of students in all, and it has persisted in drawing adjunct and sabbatical faculty to provide diversity to its academic life and culture. Employers’ evaluations throughout the years have consistently attested to the fact that the department’s graduates have been excellent representatives of the department and have continued to see commendable, steady development in both the number of students and teaching staff.

2. University of Abuja

Cut off mark: 180
Known for its English language and communication studies department, the University of Abuja typically sets a cut off mark  level that is lower than other universities. Aspiring history students with somewhat inferior academic marks now have an opportunity.

3. Nile University Abuja

Cut off mark: 180

Located in Abuja, Nigeria, Nile institution of Nigeria (NILE) is a private, multidisciplinary institution that was founded in 2009. It has been accredited by the National Universities Commission and is a part of the Honoris United Universities Network. It currently has six faculties, 34 undergraduate programs, and 47 postgraduate programs offered by a School of Postgraduate Studies.

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What is English and communication studies?

Students can improve their communication skills by earning a degree in English communication. Students combine their writing and critical thinking abilities with media production skills. A combined degree program could be appealing to students who want to obtain both a bachelor’s degree and a related master’s degree.

Is English and communication a good course?

Students majoring in English and Communications can go on to work in the entertainment industry, politics, social media, commerce, law, management, or any other job that demands critical thinking, understanding others, and effective communication.

What is the work of communication studies?

Studying communication has applications in a variety of fields, including public administration, education, business, mass media, public relations, marketing, news and television broadcasting, interpersonal and intercultural communication, and journalism.

What are the benefits of communication studies degree?

Graduates also frequently report improved media relations, public speaking, problem-solving, and decision-making abilities, as well as a penchant for precise and clear writing.

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