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Best Universities to Study Human Resources Management in Nigeria

Best Universities to Study Human Resources Management in Nigeria

HR professionals are in high demand across Nigeria, and the career opportunities are growing fast. But to land an amazing HR job, you need the right education. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We searched high and low across Nigeria to find the top universities for earning a degree in human resources management.

Whether you’re looking for a bachelor’s, master’s or MBA, these schools offer high-quality programs taught by leaders in the HR field. You’ll get hands-on experience, learn from case studies, and build a professional network that will serve you for years to come. By the time you graduate, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to launch your career as an HR superstar.

Read on to discover our picks for the best universities in Nigeria for human resources management. Your exciting new career starts here.

Best Universities to Study Human Resources Management in Nigeria

HR professionals are in high demand across Nigeria, and the career opportunities are growing fast.

Below are the best universities to study human resources management in Nigeria 

University of Lagos

The University of Lagos is one of the top schools for studying Human Resources Management in Nigeria. Located in the bustling city of Lagos, this university offers a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management that will prepare you for a career as an HR professional.

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Through the program, you’ll take courses in areas like staff recruitment and selection, compensation and benefits management, labor law, and organizational behavior. The curriculum provides a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. You’ll learn strategies for attracting and hiring top talent, keeping employees motivated, and maintaining a productive work environment.

The faculty has years of experience in HR and management. Your professors can share insights into real-world challenges and help you build a network. Internship opportunities are also available to gain on-the-job experience.

With over 50,000 students, the University of Lagos has a lot to offer. You’ll have opportunities to join clubs, attend guest lectures, and make new friends with similar interests. The campus also hosts cultural events, art exhibits, and sports competitions you can enjoy in your free time.

Graduating from this highly-ranked university will open many doors. Your degree will be well-recognized, allowing you to find work in HR roles across various industries in Nigeria or abroad. The connections and knowledge you gain can set you up for a successful career helping companies manage their most important resource – their people.

Covenant University

If you want to study human resources management at one of the top universities in Nigeria, Covenant University should be at the top of your list.

Covenant University is one of the most prestigious private universities in Nigeria. It ranks among the best universities in West Africa and has a reputation for excellence in business and management programs.

  • Their human resources management program is accredited and modeled after some of the world’s leading universities.
  • You’ll learn from experienced faculty and gain practical experience through internships at major companies.
  • Covenant University has state-of-the-art facilities, resources and support services to help you succeed.

Graduating with a degree in HRM from Covenant University will open many doors. Their career support center will help you land an internship or job at top companies in Nigeria and beyond.

If you’re looking for a high-quality education at a prestigious university that will prepare you for a successful career in human resources, Covenant University deserves your consideration. With the right amount of hard work and dedication, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills to become a leader in the HRM field.

University of Ibadan

The University of Ibadan is Nigeria’s oldest university, established in 1948. It has a prestigious College of Medicine and also offers strong programs in the social sciences and humanities, including Human Resources Management.

The University of Ibadan has been educating students for over 70 years. It has built up an excellent reputation and its degrees are highly respected by employers. The HRM program is also well-established, with experienced faculty and strong industry connections for internships and job opportunities after graduation.

As Nigeria’s first university, UI has cultivated a culture of academic excellence and critical thinking. The HRM program promotes analytical and problem-solving skills that will serve you well in a career as a human resources professional. UI also has a diverse student body, so you’ll gain valuable exposure to different perspectives that will aid you in understanding people and organizations.

The campus itself is like a small city, with student housing, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and athletic facilities. There are many clubs and organizations you can join to gain leadership and teamwork experience. The university also has agreements with foreign schools, so you may have the chance to study abroad or participate in exchange programs.

A degree from the University of Ibadan, especially paired with the in-demand and versatile HRM major, will open many doors for you. You’ll receive a high-quality education in a supportive environment that fosters personal and professional growth. If you’re looking for a top Nigerian university with a reputable HRM program, UI deserves strong consideration.

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As you start looking into which Nigerian university is right for you to study human resources management, you may have some questions. Here are a few of the most common FAQs:

1. Do I need any specific subjects to study human resources management?

To get into a human resources management program at a Nigerian university, you will typically need a minimum of five O’level credits including English Language, Mathematics, and at least two relevant subjects like Government, History, or Economics. Some schools may require additional credits. Check with your target schools for their specific admission requirements.

2. What kinds of careers can I have with a degree in human resources management?

With a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, you can pursue roles like:

  • Human Resources Officer
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Compensation and Benefits Analyst
  • Training and Development Manager

3. How much can I earn as a human resources professional in Nigeria?

According to recent surveys, the average salary for an entry-level human resources officer in Nigeria is around ₦250,000 per month. More experienced HR managers and directors can earn ₦500,000 or more per month. Actual salaries will depend on factors like:

  • Your level of education and experience
  • The specific job role and responsibilities
  • The industry you work in
  • The company you work for

4. Is studying human resources management worth it?

Yes, human resources management can be a very rewarding field of study. Some of the benefits include:

  • Strong job opportunities and security. HR professionals are in high demand.
  • Competitive pay. HR roles are well compensated across many industries.
  • An opportunity to help people. You get to assist both employees and employers.
  • Transferable skills. The skills you gain can be applied across many jobs and sectors.


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