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Best Universities to Study Sociology in Nigeria

Do you want to get a degree in sociology from a school in Nigeria? If so, good for you! There are a lot of good universities in Nigeria that offer sociology studies. No matter if you’re a Nigerian student or a student from another country, there’s a university for you.

Sociology is a very interesting topic that helps students learn about and understand human behaviour, social structures, and differences between cultures. By studying sociology, students can learn more about how people and groups interact with each other in society. It’s a field that gives you a unique view of the world around you and can lead to a wide range of interesting jobs.

In this article, we’ll look more closely at some of the best sociology programs in Nigeria’s best colleges. We’ll talk about the different choices you have, from the University of Lagos to Ahmadu Bello University, and highlight the most important parts of each program. Read on to learn about the best sociology programs in Nigeria for the 2023/2024 school year, whether you’re just starting to look for colleges or want to switch to a new one.

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Best Universities to Study Sociology in Nigeria

Best Universities to Study Sociology in Nigeria

Below are the best universities to study sociology in Nigeria:

1. Ibadan University (UI)

Many people think that the University of Ibadan is Nigeria’s best university, and its sociology school is well-known. It has both undergraduate and graduate sociology programs that focus on research and a critical look at social problems.

2. The University of Lagos

The University of Lagos is another top school in Nigeria with a well-known department of sociology. The sociology department offers a wide range of courses and gives students a strong background in sociological theories and study methods.

3. Ahmadu Bello University

People know that Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria is a great place to learn about sociology. The sociology department at ABU has programs for both undergraduates and graduate students. Both the academic and practical parts of sociology are emphasized.

4. Obafemi Awolowo University

At Obafemi Awolowo University, the Department of Sociology and Anthropology is known for its thorough sociology curriculum and focus on study. It gives students a good grasp of sociological ideas and teaches them how to think critically.

5. University of Nigeria, Nsukka

The sociology school at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka is known for being good. The department has both undergraduate and graduate programs that focus on different areas of sociology and study.

6. Lagos State University

The sociology school at LASU is known for its dedication to giving good sociology education. The department teaches students a wide range of sociological ideas, methods, and ways to use them in a variety of social settings.

7. University of Calabar

At the University of Calabar, the Department of Sociology has both undergraduate and graduate programs that cover a wide range of sociological subjects. People know the department for its study in fields like gender studies, rural sociology, and social policy.

8. Bayero University in Kano, Nigeria (BUK)

The sociology department at Bayero University has a full curriculum that focuses on critical thinking, social research, and using sociological information in the real world. Students get a strong background in sociological ideas and methods from the department.

The sociology studies at these universities are well-known, and many of their graduates have made important contributions to the field of sociology in Nigeria. It’s important to remember that ranks can change, and there are other good sociology programs at other universities in Nigeria.

When looking for a university to study sociology, prospective students should think about the expertise of the faculty, the research possibilities, the facilities, and the overall academic environment.

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Can a Sociologist work at a bank?

Yes. Sociologists are used by many banks because they help with and contribute to social needs.

Which faculty is sociology?

Sociology is a social science, and it overlaps with other social studies like politics, economics, statistics, and law. Sociology, like fields like geography, includes both scientific and more humanities-based ways of looking at things.

What can a sociologist do for a living?

Sociologists work for research institutes, the criminal justice system, public health and welfare organizations, private businesses, law firms, foreign agencies, medical centres, educational institutions, advertising firms, survey and polling organizations, and more.

Is Sociologist in high demand?

One of the main reasons sociologists are so popular is because they can use sociological study in other fields. One example is how they work with teachers in other social sciences, like psychologists, economists, and survey experts.

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