Universities With The Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Marketing In Nigeria

Are you trying to find the list of Nigerian universities with the lowest cut-off mark required to get admitted to the marketing programs? Read on to know Nigeria Universities with the lowest cut-off mark.

If you want to pursue a career in marketing but are unsure about the most recent jamb cutoff mark for a course like marketing.Here is a list of Nigerian institutions that have cut-off mark  that we have verified; it is the lowest of all the universities in Nigeria that provide marketing  programs.

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Universities With The Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Marketing In Nigeria

Universities With The Lowest Cut-Off Marks For Marketing In Nigeria

To gain admission into an marketing program at a Nigerian university, meeting the cut-off mark for the subject is essential. The following universities have some of the lowest cut-off marks for marketing

1. University of Nigeria Nsuka (UNN)

Cut off mark: 180

The University of Nigeria, Nsuka is not only one of the most famous educational institutions in Nigeria, but it is also one of the most competitive.

On October 7, 1960, it was finally opened to the public after being discovered by Nnamdi Azikiwe in the year 1955.

Approximately two or more campuses are managed by the University of Nigeria Nsuka. According to the benchmark established by the Joint Admission Board, the minimum pass score is 140. To be on the safe side, a score of 180 or above is required for courses with a low level of competition, while a score of 200 is required for courses with a greater level of competition.

It is dependent on the overall performance of the applicants in a quota that is provided by the heads of departments that the departmental cutoff point is different.

In order to determine her minimum score, the University of Nigeria employs a ratio of sixty to forty.

2. Federal University Of Technology Akure(FUTA)

Cut off mark: 180

The School of marketing had been in operation for several  years prior to the foundation of the Federal University of Technology, Akure, which was established in 1981.

It is important to note that there is no set or given departmental cutoff mark; rather, admission is determined by the high and low rates of performance of the applicants.

3. University of Ilorin(unilorin)

Cut off mark: 170

The Federal Military Government granted permission for the establishment of the University of Ilorin in August 1975. The university’s headquarters are located in Ilorin, which is the capital of the state of Kwara in the western region of Nigeria.

According to the Joint Admissions Board (JAMB), the minimum score required to pass the UTME is 140. Also known as the benchmark. Take note that the cutoff mark for the unilorin department is never the same as the jamb.

This means that the University of Ilorin no longer uses a score of one hundred percent; rather, their method of computation is based on

30% is the screening score.
Jamb score with a 50%
Results for the ‘O’ level: 20%
It is anticipated of you that from this point on, you will divide your UTME score by eight, provided that your UTME score will remain the same, and choose five subjects from your O’ level scores that are appropriate.

4. University of Lagos (UNILAG)

Cut-off Mark: 180
One well-known land and surveying program that the University of Lagos (UNILAG) offers is one with a comparatively low cut off score. The university strives to offer top-notch instruction in the fields of land and surveying  while placing a high priority on each student’s complete development.

5. Bingham university

Cut off mark: 180

Bingham University, which is situated in Karu, which is located 26 kilometres away from Abuja, the Federal Capital city of Nigeria, was established in 2005 by the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in an effort to fulfill its obligation to contribute to the Nigerian university sector that was fuelled by the wreckage of state universities in the nation. A revitalization of the golden period of high-quality and morally acceptable mission education up to the tertiary level was one of the ultimate goals that the founders of the organization had in mind. In order to fulfill the requirements of the Christian religion, ECWA officials and academics of ECWA extraction recognized the necessity of establishing a university that would offer a secular education that is founded on moral principles that are compatible with the Christian faith.

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What does marketing mean to you?
The term “marketing” describes the actions a business takes to encourage the purchase or sale of a good or service. Selling, delivering, and advertising goods to customers or other companies are all included in marketing.

What does the term “marketing” mean?

In the marketing concept, the idea of using the product to solve the customer’s problem and satisfy their requirements takes centre stage. The primary shift in the modern company’s direction that serves as the basis for gaining a competitive edge is represented by the marketing concept.

What four marketing fundamentals are there?

The four fundamental tenets of marketing are :

  • promotion,
  • venue,
  • pricing, and
  • product.

    What distinguishes marketing from sales?

    Whereas marketing either generates new demand or fits a product into an already existing demand, sales satisfy the demand. Sales focuses on getting the product from the market to the client, whereas marketing concentrates on getting the product from the company to the market (via product releases and awareness campaigns).

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