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Mountain Top University School Fees And Courses Offered 2023/2024

Are you in search for the amount of money paid as school fees and list of available courses in Mountain Top University 2023/2024?

This article will give the updated information on list of courses and amount paid in Mountain Top University.

The Mountain Top University is listed as one of the famous Private Universities in Nigeria with beautiful Lecture hall and studious Lecturers.

Cost Of Tuition Charges at Mountain Top University

The amount of money charge as school fees for New students at Mountain Top University is in the range of N670,000 and N800,000 including the cost of accommodation.

List Of Courses Offered In Mountain Top University.

1. Cyber Security

2. Economics

3. Mathematics

4. Microbiology

5. Fine And Applied Arts

6. Biotechnology

7. Geology

8. Geophysics

9. Industrial Chemistry

10. Industrial Relations And Personnel Management

11. Music

12. Physics

13. Physics With Electronics

14. Public Administration

15. Religious Studies

16. Securities And Investment

17. Software Engineering

18. Business Administration

19. Chemistry

20. Computer Science

21. Accounting

22. Biochemistry

23. Biology

24. English Language

25. Finance

26. Mass Communication


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