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Airforce Institute of Technology School Fees, Admission Requirements, Hostel Accommodation and List of Courses Offered

Do you want to enrol at Airforce  Institute of Technology but you don’t know if the course you want to study is being offererd by the School? How about knowing the necessary admission requirements you need to enrol into the school? This Article has been put together to guide you on everything you need to know about the school.

This article entails the School fees of the school, their admission requirements, Hostel Accommodation and list of courses offered.

About The School

The Air Force Institute of Technology otherwise known as (AFIT) Was established in the year 1977. This prestigious Institution have a blend of Military and Civilian Staffs and Students. It’s located at The Nigeria Air force Base Kawo, Kaduna State.


Airforce Institute of Technology School Fees

Admission and tuition at the NAF Institute of Technology is fully funded by the Nigerian Air Force for selected candidates. Students receive a stipend for books and living expenses. Upon graduation, students are commissioned as officers or enlisted as senior non-commissioned officers in the Nigerian Air Force. Graduates typically serve for a minimum number of years as part of their obligation for the sponsored education

Airforce Institute of Technology Admission Requirements

To gain admission into NAFATI, you’ll need to meet several requirements and go through their application process.

  • To qualify for NAFATI’s programs, you must have at minimum a National Diploma (ND) or Higher National Diploma (HND) in Engineering, Applied Science or Technology from an accredited Nigerian university or polytechnic. For some programs, a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field may be required. Strong grades in subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry are also expected


  • Applicants must be between 18 to 26 years of age to enroll in NAFATI’s programs. You will also need to meet the Nigerian Air Force’s medical and physical fitness standards to be admitted. This includes having good eyesight, blood pressure, and endurance.

  • All applicants must take the Nigerian Air Force Aptitude Test to assess abilities like problem-solving skills, logical reasoning and spatial visualization. Minimum scores are required to proceed to the next stage. Prepare well for this test, as high scores can improve your chances of getting selected.


  • If minimum requirements are met, you will go through a screening process which includes medical tests, background checks and an interview. The interview aims to evaluate your motivation, communication skills and how well you would fit with NAFATI. Be ready to articulate why you want to join NAFATI and your future goals.

  • The final candidates are selected based on performance in the tests, screening, available vacancies and the needs of the Nigerian Air Force. Successful applicants will receive an offer letter to enroll in their program of choice at NAFATI. With hard work and perseverance, you too can become an elite graduate of this prestigious institution.

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Airforce Institute of Technology Hostel Accommodation

As a cadet at AIT Kaduna, you’ll live in shared dormitory accommodation with your peers during your training. The hostels provide basic but comfortable housing for students.

Airforce Institute of Technology List of Courses Offered

The Air Force Institute of Technology offers a variety of courses for those looking to join the Nigerian Air Force. Whether you’re interested in becoming a pilot, aircraft maintenance engineer, or pursuing another role, NAFIT likely has a program for you.

  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Pilot Training
  • Logistics and Supply chain Management

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What programs does the institute offer?

The NAF Institute of Technology offers several programs to train officers and enlisted personnel in the Nigerian Air Force:

  • Aerospace Engineering – A 4-year bachelor’s degree program to train officers as aerospace engineers.
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering – A 3-year higher national diploma program to train aircraft technicians and mechanics.
  • Air Traffic Control – A 2-year higher national diploma program to train air traffic controllers.
  • Meteorology – A 3-year bachelor’s degree program to train officers as meteorologists.

What is daily life like for students?

As an military academy, students at the NAF Institute of Technology follow a highly structured daily routine:

  • Wake up is at 5:30 am for physical training and drills.
  • Breakfast in the mess hall at 7 am. Classes start at 8 am.
  • Lunch break at 12 pm, then more classes in the afternoon.
  • Mandatory study periods in the evenings after dinner at 6 pm.
  • Lights out by 10 pm.

Strict rules govern behavior, dress code, and personal hygiene. Students live in dorms on campus and have limited free time or interaction with the outside world during the week. Weekend leave is permitted if students have no academic or disciplinary issues.

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NAFIT provides high-quality technical and vocational education for those looking to join the Nigerian Air Force. Whether you want to work with aircraft, support operations or pursue a role in leadership, NAFIT likely offers a program to help you achieve your goals.

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